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Choose a tour to suit your possibilities and travel across Sri Lanka, using one of the routes included in other categories or designing your own internity.

You choose the means of transport, from 4WD to travelling in luxury vehicles, hot-air balloons, helicopters or seaplanes.

We will put at your disposal stylish hotels, boutique hotels and exquisite spas where you can relax after visiting any corner of the island you wish.

You can enjoy a range of activities that will make you travel through time sipping a cup of the choicest silver tea and relax in the Hill Club of Nuwara Eliya after a day playing golf or a relaxing game of croquet among tea trails .

Your adventurous side will be able to enjoy a safari and watch the flora and fauna of the island, a canoe ride down the rapids of a river, biking or hiking without forgetting to take care of your body and your spirit with a traditional Ayurvedic massage in first class resorts.

Consult us and we will design the perfect itinerary just for you. Ask us by filling out the questionnaire in contact us or by writing to info@mayaliya.es and we will inform accordingly.

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