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Mayaliya designates a group of people from various backgrounds, education and experience. The blend of East and West and our deep knowledge of various domains ranging from security, logistics, management, humanitarianism and culture, among others, bestow upon our human capital trust in our performance and savoire-faire:

  • Pilar is from Barcelona and since 1994 has had one foot in Barcelona and the other one in Sri Lanka. She is our expert in tourism and is responsible for the Association. She amalgamates East and West. Pilar bestows proximity, fusion, honesty and social awareness on Mayaliya.

  • Shanta is from Warakapola, Sri Lanka, where he lives. Since he is logically the one that best knows the country and because of his empathy and know-how in the fields of security, logistics and defence, he is our expert in the field and a unique, exceptional escort. Shanta bestows generosity, flexibility, trustworthiness and naturalness on Mayaliya.

  • Christopher, of Indian and Catalan ascent, is our expert in image and communication, an exceptional designer with a profound knowledge of the world of animation, cinema and current technological trends. He is the father of our logo and public corporative image, Chris bestows, with patience and optimism, modernity, vision, enthusiasmand style on Mayaliya.

Also in Mayaliya we work with a faithful and broad network of collaborators covering different fields of activity, thereby responding to our needs as a company and the needs of our clients.

We are an innovative, positive and accessible group knowledgeable of today’s trends without forgetting the teachings of yesterday. And above all, we are respectful and tolerant people driven by a strong belief in what we do and offer.

As a company, Mayaliya, is a member of theEuropean Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka, member of Club Casa Asia and Club Cambra of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and works closely with government bodies, business and cultural circles such as AsiaRed, Casa Asia, and so on.

Should you need additional information or have doubts or questions, info@mayaliya.es.

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