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Discover Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean as Marco Polo did in his day and explore the most remote and wildest corners of the island. Let the smiles of its people lead you from the cultural triangle through its culture, religion and art to its magnificent beaches filled with lush coconut trees passing through hills, orderly and steep tea estates and majestic temples.

From a safari to an elephant orphanage, from the heat of Colombo to the coolness of Nuwara Eliya, from spicy to sweet bites, we reveal for you a different world, a world where nothing is surprisingly amazing, where there is no half way.

All shades of green, desert beaches, deep and ferocious waters in a sea of tranquillity and contrasts, palm trees, paddy fields, sacred mountains, colourful flowers, unique butterflies and incredible birds.

Contact us and together we will design an unforgettable and exclusive tailor-made tour or excursion.

We offer…