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Cultural Triangle – 3 days

Day 1 In the morning, pick up at the hotel and departure for Dambulla, where a stop will be made to visita set of small temples carved into ancient caves where some beautiful paintings and frescoes can be seen around 150 life-size statues of Buddha.

Stop at Aukana, where a colossal 12m high statue of Buddha, carved into the rock in the fifth century stands.

Arrival at the hotel, dinner and night.

Day 2 After breakfast, visit to Anuradhapura, a Buddhist holy city and the first capital of the country where you can visit the ruins (World Heritage) vestige of a bygone era.

In the afternoon, visit to Polonnaruwa, the second capital of Sri Lanka and visit the site where the Buddhas of the Gal Vihara, three large Buddha statues carved into a rock wall stand.

Transfer to the hotel, dinner and night.

Day 3 Departure for Sigiriya, a rock rising 285 meters high which served as fortress to King Kasyapa, where, after killing his father, King Datusena and proclaiming himself king, he fled to escape the vengeance of his brother, Moggallana, the legitimate heir to the throne.

Return to Colombo.

Including: transport, guide, guided visits, entry tickets and hotel stay in a double room on a half board basis (breakfast and dinner).

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