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National Park 2 – 2 days

Day 1 In the morning, leave for the Yala National Park.

Visit to the Kataragama Temple, where allegedly the Hindu god Skanda or Murugan in Tamil met and married a girl from a local tribe, Valli, of Vedda origin, revered equally by Sinhalese Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Veddah people.

Transfer to the hotel, dinner and night.

Day 2 In the morning, at dawn, YalaSafarion a 4WD.

On the way back to Colombo, boat safari in the Madu Ganga (river).

Return to Colombo.

Including: transport, guide, visits, safari on a 4WD (including guide and entry ticket), Safari in the Madu Ganga (river) and hotel stay in a double room on a half board basis (breakfast and dinner).

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