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Come and have a taste of paradise: Sri Lanka is the country of coconut, tea, rice, curry and other one thousand and one spices.

From farmland and paddy fields, to tea estates through spices gardens and tropical fruits, coconuts, and beaches where fishermen set out the day fishing, Sri Lanka is a world of flavours, textures and colours.

If you want to know how rice is grown, tea is processed and fish is dried, come to Sri Lanka.

Come discover exotic and varied foods, visiting big and small restaurants, and all of this sprinkled with a touch of culture and workshops if you want to recall once back home the taste of paradise by cooking from Indi Apa or String Hoppers (made of fine strings of rice flour dough steamed and eaten mixed with vegetables and other ingredients) to Kottu (made from a Sri Lankan type of bread calledGodamba Roti, and vegetables, egg, or meat, and various spices. A hotkottuis generally eaten as a dinner meal. It is traditional to make the kottu on a heated iron sheet, used specifically for the purpose, and the kottu is chopped and mixed using two blunt metal blades. This clashing of metal on metal creates a very distinctive sound).

We put the ingredients at your fingertips so you can enjoy the great and good of the local cuisine. In Sri Lanka you will eat different, you will eat well, you will eat healthy.

Contact us and together we will design an unforgettable and exclusive tailor-made tour or excursion.

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