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Idyllic landscapes, dreamlike sunsets, a relaxed and mysterious atmosphere, the dazzling beauty of the island of smiles and contrasts and all the shades of green, all essential components of romanticism. Fall in love with Sri Lanka. Serendib, an island full of places to explore and time for intimacy and love.

Sri Lanka is one of the destination chosen by many couples seeking to spend their Honeymoon in an exotic and cosy place, surrounded by magic and colour with all the ingredients to make of a trip an unforgettable one, an experience to recall and, who knows, if also, to reaffirm their oaths of love by getting married again with a magnificent beach on the backdrop or riding an elephant.

Sri Lanka is the ideal destination for Honeymooners or simply for couples seeking to meet themselves again and relive their love on the island of the one thousand names, the island where, making the impossible possible, Prince Saliya, son of King Dutugemunu, in the 2nd Century BC, defying all odds for love, married Asokamala, a maiden of the lowest caste, and abdicated his thrown for her.

Mayaliya can make your dream come true turning it into an awesome reality that will forever live in your memory.

Contact us and together we will design an unforgettable and exclusive tailor-made tour.

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