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Traditional dances from the south or devil dances and traditional dances from upcountry or Kandyan dances with religious connotations and exorcism.

Traditional musical instruments among which the bera or drum.

Baila music, a Portuguese legacy, and the popular Afro-Caribbean calypso music born in Sri Lanka in the 60’s fruit of fascination with Caribbean rhythms.

Aluth Awurudu or New Year’s traditional songs and religious mantra in Pali.

Music of the Veddahs, indigenous to the island, and the Kaffir in Puttalam, a community of African descent.

A journey into history and culture through music, song and dance. Discover, learn, live the pace of Sri Lanka, listen to theberaand hear its heart beating.

Contact us and together we will design an unforgettable and exclusive tailor-made tour or excursion.

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